For Mac lovers who travel a lot. Now you can keep track of each trip you make, whether it's for fun or for business. Enter an itinerary; track expenses; record payments and reimbursements; print a final report or export an html report.
For Mac lovers who travel a lot, Trips let's you track your expenses, payments, itinerary and lots more.
Enter new trips
Creating new trips is easy. Just click the New Trip button and a new trip will be created ready to be configured.
Organising your trips
Trips automatically shows your trips according to their status.outlineview
Completed trips are those which you explicitly mark as completed. Incomplete trips are those whose start date has past but they have not been marked completed. Upcoming trips are those whose start time is still in the future.
You can also filter the presented items based on certain properties of a trip.
Smart Groups
Trips supports the creation of smart groups to arrange your trips based on their attributed.
For example, you can make a group to collect all trips of a particular type, trips that started after a certain time, and much more.
Configure your trips
Trips allows many aspects of a trip to be configured. For each trip, the attributes are grouped into General, Accommodation, Itinerary, Expenses, and Payments. In each section, a variety of properties of the trip can be configured. The Summary tab shows an overview of the trip.summary
Accommodation and Itinerary
Enter a list of accommodation for a trip, record steps in your itinerary, and, as you go, record the expenses for each item.itinerary
Just clicking the enterexpenses button will put an entry in the expenses table.
In Trips, you enter expenses as and when they occur, either directly or using the 'enter expenses' button present on the accommodation and itinerary tabs.
On the Payments tab you can enter payments and reimbursements associated with a trip.
paymentsOnce payments have been entered you can return to the expenses tab and associated expenses with particular payments.
Trips supports two types of reports: a trip report and an overview report.
A trip report contains a comprehensive view of the trip with all the details arranged in
The overview report shows the status of all trips together with some summary information like total expenses, total payments, etc.
Current version: 2.0
Released: 28th Oct 2013