TeXnicle version 2.3.0

  • A new version of TeXnicle has been released, which primarily addresses compatibility with macOS Sierra. In this process of moving forward, the minimum supported OS is now OS X 10.9.

TeXnicle and Snow Leopard support

  • To all Snow Leopard users: you will have noticed that the last two releases of TeXnicle have an issue on 10.6.8 which stops the PDF from being updated. The only way to get it to update (after a build) is to resize the window or to zoom in and out. Far from ideal. The problem arises from the fact that these latest releases of TeXnicle are built on Mavericks, and even though all the build settings are correct to maintain compatibility with Snow Leopard, nonetheless this bug appears. This must be due to some underlying changes in PDFKit which provides the PDF view that’s used.
  • After long discussions with two Apple engineers, there seems to be no solution to this. Apple only supports backwards compatibility back two major versions, so Snow Leopard falls outside this.
  • Since I can’t possibly support two different build systems and two different releases of TeXnicle, I think the only way forward is to hope someone in the community is willing to take on building and releasing TeXnicle for Snow Leopard. To do that, they will need a running 10.8 (or earlier) system with all the necessary build tools. TeXnicle is already open source and is available on Git Hub (https://github.com/martinhewitson/TeXnicle).
  • Comments?

Agenda2 gets a sleek new look

  • Agenda2 version 2.0 has just been released. With a sleek new look and lots of new features, this is a major step forward in agenda production!

TeXnicle beta 27 released

Code Snippets Library

Code snippets now support placeholders. A placeholder is indicated by enclosing a string in '@'. For example, you can have a snippet like

The text editor replaces the placeholders with tokens. You can jump to the next or previous placeholder token with cmd-enter and shift-cmd-enter.

The library has some major structural changes to allow for better future support. In the past, restoring the default library would result in all your own library additions being lost. This will no longer happen if you do one more restore. The new library structure has a version number and each code clipping has a UUID to better support future upgrades and restoring of defaults without destroying user-added categories and clips.

It is strongly recommended that you restore the default library

To do that, select the library pane and click on the action button under the categories list. Select "Restore Default Library". Since you have an old-style library currently, any changes you made will be lost. I'm sorry about this, but this is the best/only way to improve this situation for the future. The library is actually stored in the preferences plist for TeXnicle which is in /Users//Library/Preferences/com.bobsoft.TeXnicle.plist. You could back-up this file then do the restore in TeXnicle, then merge any changes you had made back in to the upgraded file by hand. I can provide instructions on this if anyone needs this.

Other changes

  • Preferences has a new panel to edit the pdflatex and gs paths needed for compiling code snippet previews.
  • PDF viewer now has a (collapsable, resizable) thumbnail list.
  • The PDF viewer search results list is now resizable.

TeXnicle beta 9 released

+ Highlight matching words. Select a word in the editor, and all matching words in
view will be subtly highlighted. This can be deactivated in the general preferences.
+ Added a 'replace' option in the project finder tab. You can replace selected
matches, or all matches.
+ Various bug fixes.